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Part I: Brief Introduction of Changchun 



Changchun,is the capital of Jilin province, an important economic, political and cultural central city in northeast China, and one of the 15 sub-provincial cities in China. Changchun covers an total area of 20604 square kilometers, with an urban area of 4,789 square kilometers. It administers 7 urban districts and 3 cities and counties, with a total population of 7.8 million. 


Changchun is not only an ancient land, but also a city full of youthful vitality.After years of construction and development, changchun has become a famous "international motor city", "film city", "science education and culture city" and "forest city", as well as "green food city", an international famous "sculpture city", a national civilized city and the happiest city in China. 


Industrial advantages 


Agriculture: Changchun is located in one of the three golden corn belt in the world. It is an important commodity grain base in China. In recent years, the total annual grain output has stabilized at 10 million tons, and our city has been approved to establish the first "green organic agriculture demonstration city" in China. 


Industry: Changchun had set up the first auto factory and manufactured the first car of new China. It is known as the cradle of new China's auto industry. At present, it has become a pilot demonstration city of "Made in China 2025". We are undertakeing an expansion project of manufacturing 3 million vehicles.It will offer a market space of more than 200 billion Yuan. Seventy percent of China's urban rail buses and subways and 50 percent of its railway buses are produced in Changchun. As the national biological industry base and national medicine export base, it has planned to build the "Changchun biotechnology industrial park". 


Service industry: Changchun's business competitiveness and modern service level have been improving year by year, the commodity market system has become more and more mature, and new business forms and marketing modes have been rising rapidly. According the visit schedule, you will visit some shopping mall these days, at that time you will see how prosperous they are. In the future, we will become a regional service center city of northeast Asia. Such as the regional financial services center, important logistics center, and an international exhibition city with strong influence. 


Humanities characteristics】  Changchun has rich talents resources of science and education, it has 96 scientific research institutes including the branches of Chinese academy of sciences, and 38 full-time universities such as Jilin university and the Northeast normal university, with more than 400 thousand college students.It has all kinds of talents about 600 thousand people, and a large number of skilled workers. Changchun also has many famous cultural landscapes, such as the ancient pagoda of Liao dynasty, the Manchu palace for the Last emperor, one of the three existing imperial palaces in China.Changchun Jingyue lake forest park is a national forest park with the largest man-made forest in Asia.Changchun World Sculpture Park covers an area of 92 hectares, with various of sculpture works made by 400 artists from more than 200 countries. Some of them may come from your country.Changchun film studio is the first film studio in new China,It is the cradle of new China's film industry. We have built a film park with the world's most advanced special effects films which is called Oriental Hollywood. 


Cooperation platformChangchun has four national-level development zones, one national-level new district and 20 provincial-level development zones. These development zones will provide good basic conditions for industrial development and provide a convenient cooperation platform for undertaking the industrial projects. Changchun new district, approved by the state in February 2016, is to build a national demonstration area for innovative economic development, an important engine for northeast revitalization strategy, an important platform for regional cooperation and a leading area for institutional reform.Changchun Xinglong comprehensive bonded zone is the 19th zone in China. Its main functions are to provide enterprises with bonded processing, bonded logistics, goods trade, service trade, customs clearance and other services. It also has the functions of cross-border e-commerce and inspection of import meat. These development zones will create efficient and convenient basic conditions for industrial development. 


第二部分 长春的经济发展重点 

Part Ⅱ: Priorities on the economic development of Changchun 



In the future, Changchun will focus on the goal of building a regional central city in northeast Asia, to accelerate Changchun's participation in regional development, gather resources and expand development space, strive to achieve the "six aims" such as economy developing, culture's prosperity, good rule by law, city's function improved, first-class ecology and the well-being of the people.  



Agricultural modernization 

The emphasis is on building a modern agricultural industrial system. Five modern agricultural experimental areas will be built to accelerate the transformation of agricultural development patterns. We will vigorously develop high-yielding, high-quality, efficient, ecological and safe agriculture and to raise the level of large-scale, industrialized and information technology in agricultural production. 


We will build the country's core grain-producing areas, stabilize the output of grain and other important agricultural products, and ensure the country's food security and effective supply of important agricultural products. We will promote the optimization and adjustment of the structure of the planting industry, build a brand of ecological and green agriculture, develop high-quality animal husbandry, urban agriculture, leisure agriculture and agro-processing industries, and increase the added value of agricultural products.  


Improve the overall grain production capacity.We will consolidate the foundation for steady grain production and increase production, carry out projects to build high-standard farmland, accelerate the transformation of low-and medium-yield cropland. Rely on science and technology to increase the grain output, and optimize the planting structure for grain, specialty crops and forage.  

发展精品畜牧业。构筑以肉牛、奶牛、肉鹅、肉鸡、生猪、鹿业和兔业等牧业体系为主的现代畜牧业格局。支持标准化健康畜禽养殖场(小区)建设,每年新建健康养殖场(小区)200 个。推进畜禽良种化,建设无规定动物疫病区、标准化乡镇畜牧兽医站,推进畜产品质量安全化,建设动物及动物产品溯源体系。  

Develop high-quality animal husbandry. We will build a modern pattern of animal husbandry on beef cattle, cows, geese, chickens, pigs, deer and rabbits. We will support the construction of standardized healthy livestock and poultry farms to promote better breeding of livestock and poultry. We will promote the quality and safety of animal products, and establish a traceability system for animal and animal products.  


Develop agricultural products processing industries. We will accelerate the development of the green food industry and the intensive processing of agricultural products. We will promote the pattern of "leading enterprises + rural cooperative economic organizations + agricultural bases" and promote the large-scale, standardized and industrialized raw materials bases for agricultural products processing. 


Develop special agriculture and urban agriculture. Focus on five industries: vegetable, flower seedling, edible fungus, fruit and potato. Relying on natural ecology, rural landscape, folk culture and agricultural industries, we will actively develop special leisure products, build a number of agricultural leisure, forest leisure, wetland leisure, popular science leisure, rural leisure bases and agricultural sightseeing and picking parks, and develop tourism and leisure agriculture. 



Manufacturing industry 

Implement the strategy of manufacturing industry. We will improve the basic capacity, innovation capacity and information technology of the manufacturing sector, and promote the development of the manufacturing sector in an intelligent, green and service-oriented way. We will expand and strengthen the three pillar industries of automobile, agricultural product processing and railway bus, and make Changchun to be an advanced manufacturing industry base in northeast Asia. 

建设世界级汽车产业研发生产基地。布局和发展汽车及零部件产业集群,以建设具有国际竞争力的整车研发和生产基地为目标,瞄准汽车智能化、网联化、轻量化、电动化发展前沿,推动整车中高端车型产能扩张、产品创新和技术升级,优化发展合资品牌汽车,积极发展自主品牌汽车,加快发展新能源汽车和特种专用车,大力提升本地零部件配套能力,加快发展汽车后市场,发展车联网等汽车产业新型业态,形成汽车产业发展新优势。整车产能稳定在 300 万辆水平。乘用车重点发展中高端轿车、SUV 、MPV,产品结构向 B 级以上产品方向调整;专用车走差异化发展路径,以发展中、高档特种专用车为主,重点发展适合于物流系统需求的轻、中、重型各种厢式汽车,服务于提升城市功能发展的各种车辆;大力发展自主品牌车型。零部件方面,以扩大总量、提高配套、提升核心竞争力为目标,推进产业结构调整、技术研发支撑、企业互利合作、产业集群打造,形成与整车产业竞相发展的整体态势。打造千亿产值规模的汽车零部件产业集群,提高本地零部件企业配套能力。零部件产品重点发展发动机及附件系统、转向及传动系统、多能源动力总成系统等核心技术模块。 

 Build a world-class R&D and manufacturing base of auto industry. We will Layout and develop the industrial cluster of the auto and parts, focusing on Intelligent Connected Vehicle (ICV), lightweight, electrification. Push the medium and high-end vehicle in capacity expansion, product innovation and technology upgrading. Optimize the development of joint -venture brands cars, actively develop the independent brand cars. Speed up the development of new energy vehicle and special vehicle, vigorously promote local parts supporting ability, speed up the development of auto aftermarket, form some new advantages of auto industry.The production capacity of vehicle is stable at 3 million. 


We will build a world-class R&D and processing base for agricultural products processing industry. Build a biochemical industrial cluster. Relying on the advantage of Important national commodity grain bases, we will focus on corn processing, animal husbandry products processing, green food processing three areas, improve the level of deep processing, insist on the scale,brand and standardization of  production. In terms of animal husbandry product processing industry, we will break through the traditional processing field, vigorously promote the extension of the livestock and poultry industry to the downstream of chain, and improve the technological content and added value of products. In terms of green food processing industry, we will develop refined rice, green rice, organic rice, convenient rice and fresh vegetables, quick-frozen vegetables, dehydrated vegetables, juice, jam, etc. 


We will build a world-class R&D and manufacturing base of the rail transit equipment industry.With the goal of establishing a world-leading modern rail transport industry system and relying on the national research center for integrated engineering of railway bus and bus system, we will accelerate the application of new materials, new technologies to develop a new generation of green intelligent, high-speed and heavy-duty rail transit system. In terms of the whole vehicle, we will focus on increasing comprehensive production capacity. Aim to seize domestic resource and overseas market development opportunities, we will implement "going out" strategy, improve comprehensive production capacity, develop high speed EMU, electrified railway passenger cars, urban rail passenger car, new subway buses, export dedicated bus, modern tram and high-speed train. Improve the industrial chain of railway passenger cars. 


We will accelerate the growth of strategic emerging industries. We will build six new industries including advanced equipment manufacturing, medical and health care, photoelectron information, biological manufacturing, new energy and new energy automobiles and new materials, and big date. The output of each industry will get one hundred billion Yuan. And  form a number of leading enterprises in new and high technology with output of 10 billion yuan  


Advanced equipment manufacturing industry--we will focus on three areas of intelligent manufacturing equipment, including aerospace equipment, agricultural machinery equipment. Develop auto intelligent process equipment, new type of automatic welding equipment, key components and interchangeable parts, intelligent robots, Three dimension(3D) printers, Number control(NC) machine tools and other products. Attract new aircraft and aircraft parts and components manufacturing project, push the development of scanning imaging remote sensing satellite and video imaging remote sensing satellite, etc.  


Medical and health industry -- we will focus on developing gene engineering drugs, bio-traditional Chinese medicine, biochemical drugs, blood products and medical diagnostic reagents, accelerate the development of high-end medical equipment, pharmaceutical machinery and health care products, and build a national industrial base for medicine.  

光电信息产业——重点发展以激光技术为核心的激光制造和加工产业,以光传感技术为核心的智能仪器产业,以机器人为核心的自动化生产线及物流装备产业,以 OLED、LED 技术为核心的光显示及照明产业,以卫星遥感图像采集处理应用开发为核心的图像云平台和无人机,推进光刻机、CMOS、“吉林一号”卫星等产业化发展,建设国家光电子产业基地。  

Optics Electronics and Information industry--we will focus on development of laser manufacturing and processing industries with laser technology as the core, intelligent instrument industry with optical sensing technology as the core, automatic production line and logistics equipment industry with robot as the core, light display and lighting industry with OLED and LED technology as the core, image cloud and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) platform with the development of satellite remote sensing image acquisition processing application as the core. Promote the industrialization of lithography machine, CMOS, "Jilin number one" satellite. We will build a national optoelectronic industry base.  

生物制造产业——重点发展 L-乳酸、聚乳酸、二氧化碳基树脂等生物基材料,化工醇、生物树脂、聚酯、生物催化剂、酶制剂等生物化学品,赖氨酸、谷氨酸等新型发酵类产品,建设国家级生物制造产业基地。  

Biological manufacturing industry -- we will focus on the development of L-lactic acid, polylactic acid, carbon dioxide-based resin and other biological materials, as well as chemical alcohols, biological resins, polyester, biological catalysts, enzyme preparations and other new fermentation products, such as lysine and glutamate, to build a national biological manufacturing industry base.  


New energy and new energy vehicle industry – we will focus on biomass solid fuel and liquid fuel, and steadily promote the development and utilization of coalbed methane and oil shale. In terms of the new energy vehicle, we will focus on the development of hybrid electric vehicle, pure electric vehicle, fuel cell vehicle and other products. In terms of the parts and components of the new energy vehicle, we will focus on the development of motor system, power battery and battery management system, multi-functional powertrain control system and other products.We will build a domestic new energy vehicle research and production base. 


New materials industry -- we will focus on developing technologies and industries such as metallic materials, inorganic non-metallic materials, biomaterials, polymer materials, composite materials and new building materials. 



Modern service industry 

Adhering to the double growth path of industry and services,  we will speed up the development of modern service industry, promote producer services extending to the professional and value chain, consumer services extending to fine and high quality, build a scientific and technological innovation service demonstration area, industry integration service area, inland open experimental area, quality life service leading area. We will build a regional service center city in northeast Asia. 


Financial service industry--we will focus on the development of trust investment, property rights trading, Internet finance and other emerging financial businesses, and create a financial development zone which radiates northeast Asia. 


Information technology service industry--we will focus on the operation service of  big data centers, software and service outsourcing, cross-border e-commerce; 


Cultural and creative industry--we will develop  publishing and distribution, performing arts and entertainment, folk arts, animation and games, film and television media, digital content and other industries; 


Modern logistics industry--we will build three logistics systems including automobile logistics, agricultural products logistics and bulk material logistics, develop third party logistics, cold chain logistics and postal express delivery to build an important logistics hub in northeast Asia. 


Human resource service industry--we will establish a human resources service system focusing on business incubation, enterprise incubation, vocational guidance, high-end talent search, human resources service outsourcing, hr agent, quality skills training and identification, information consultation service, public comprehensive service and industrialization of market services. We are building a human resources industrial park. These measures will promote talents exchange, attracting and absorbing. 


Meanwhile, we will accelerate the transformation of the consumer service industry to a higher quality. Focus on developing key industries such as modern business and trade, tourism and exhibition industries, health care and old-age care services, and real estate. build urban commercial complexes, gathering areas and featured blocks for modern service industries. 



Development measures 

We will promote comprehensive reform with the reform of economic system as the core, and improve the institutional mechanisms by which the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources and the government plays a better role. We will transform government functions, promote the reform of state-owned enterprises, the fiscal and taxation systems, and establish a modern financial system. We will accelerate supply-side structural reform, establish and improve the market system and mechanism, and improve the market system for factors. We will strengthen financial development support, standardize the market order and environment, play the role of market intermediaries, and comprehensively raise the level of marketization. 


We will deepen adjustment of the industrial structure, the ownership structure, the fiscal and taxation structures and the structure of human resources, resolve structural obstacles which restrict the development of old industrial bases.We will actively promote the healthy development of the private economy, optimize the environment for the development of the private economy, foster and promote the development of the private economy. 

实施智能制造工程。提升计算机在制造业研发设计、制造控制、业务流程、产品流通、市场营销、企业管理等方面的应用水平,构建新型制造体系,提升企业研发、生产、管理和服务的智能化水平。 加强质量品牌建设,打造一批特色鲜明、竞争力强、市场信誉好的品牌,加速形成制造业名牌产品的群体优势。 

We will implement intelligent manufacturing projects. improve the application level of computers in r&d, design, manufacturing control, business processes, product distribution, marketing and enterprise management of manufacturing industries, build new manufacturing systems, and improve the intelligence level of enterprise r&d, production, management and service. We will strengthen the construction of quality brands, build a number of brands with distinctive features, strong competitiveness and good market reputation, and accelerate the formation of group advantages for manufacturing of famous brands. 


Focusing on building an innovative city in China, we will implement an innovation-driven development strategy, and explore new fields for innovation and development. We will comprehensively promote the construction of an information-based city, accelerate the integrated development of the internet in multiple areas, promote industrial reform and innovation in business models, service models and management models, and form a new pattern of development which takes the internet as its infrastructure and innovation elements. We will accelerate the formation of a high-quality and efficient modern industrial system, and take scientific and technological innovation as the leading force to drive industrial innovation, enterprise innovation, market innovation, product innovation, talent innovation and management innovation, and greatly enhance our capacity for independent innovation. We will accelerate the application of new technologies in information networks, deepen the innovative application of big data in various industries, promote innovation in business models and service formats, and improve the big data industry chain. We will accelerate the development of innovative capacity for big data applications and establish the public service support system for the big data industry. Build a big data industry center which based in Changchun and radiating northeast Asia. 


第三部分 长春的开放之路 

Part :The opening road of Changchun 



Changchun is located in the central region of northeast China and the geometric center of northeast Asia. To the south it can connect coastal cities of Liaodong peninsula, To the north it can expand to central Asian countries such as Russia and eastern European countries through Heilongjiang province. To the east it can go through Hunchun and Tumen river ports to north Korea, South Korea and far east of Russia. To the west it can communicate with Mongolia. Natural geographical advantages make Changchun become an important transportation and logistics hub in northeast Asia. At present, Changchun Longjia airport is an international airport which has opened more than 120 domestic and international flight routes.Changchun has railway transportation linking 5 trunk lines to 6 directions, expressways connect all directions.The developed aviation, railway and highway networks provide a more convenient channel for foreign trade. It can cover nearly 400 million people and the northeast Asian market which occupies one fifth of the world economy. 



All-round opening strategy 

Changchun actively implement national policy to further expand the opening to the outside world. relying on geographical advantages and development foundation, based on national policy of the northeast China opening to northeast Asia, we will actively integrate into the national " Belt And Road" initiative, focus on the construction of transportation infrastructure network, focus on playing the leading role on key fields, focus on deepening cooperation on key industries, focus on expanding foreign investment cooperation, focus on improving the level of foreign trade and enhancing humanities exchange and cooperation. We will open to the outside world in all directions. 



Attracting domestic and foreign investment 

改革开放以来,长春的发展得到了国内外投资者的支持,一批重点产业均有国内外投资。在汽车领域,德国大众、奥迪,日本丰田、马自达、三菱,德国通用都与中国一汽集团合作合资建厂,一些来自德国、法国、意大利、日本的汽车零部件配套企业也都纷纷在长春建厂。在轨道客车领域,长客公司与英国轨道工程公司、加拿大庞巴迪、法国阿尔斯通、德国西门子合作,成立合资公司,并参股伊朗德黑兰车辆制造公司)。在农产品加工业领域,泰国正大、韩国CJ等企业在长春设立了养殖和生物化工企业。目前,全市已批外商投资企业3000余户,现存700多户,其中世界 境外500强企业71户。 

Since the reform and opening up, the development of changchun has been supported by domestic and foreign investors, and a number of key industries have been invested by home and abroad. In the automotive field, Volkswagen of Germany, Audi of Germany, Mitsubishi of Japan, Toyota of Japan,  Mazda of Japan, and General Motors of US all cooperated with FAW group to set up joint ventures. Some supporting auto parts enterprises from Germany, France, Italy and Japan also set up factories in changchun.In the field of railway passenger cars, CRRC has established joint ventures with British railway engineering company, Bombardier of Canada, Alstom of France and Siemens of Germany, and has a stake in Tehran vehicle manufacturing company of Iran.In the field of agricultural products processing industry, Zhengda group of Thailand, CJ of Korea and other enterprises have set up breeding and biochemical enterprises in Changchun.At present, the city has approved more than 3,000 foreign-invested enterprises, more than 700 of which are now in existence, including 71 of the world's top 500 overseas enterprises. 

按照国家进一步扩大对外开放,积极扩大利用外资的要求,我们将加大招商引资力度。围绕重点产业、重点企业、重点园区开展大招商、招大商,紧扣特色产业优势、产业链和产业集群,紧盯韩国、日本、台湾、香港等周边国家和地区,紧盯长三角、珠三角、环渤海等发达地区城市,紧盯世界 500 强企业以及央企和大的民企,多渠道、多手段开展精准招商,着力引进创新型、生态型、税源型、就业型、民生型项目和企业。 

In accordance with the requirements of further opening up and actively expanding the use of foreign capital, we will increase investment attraction.Around key industries, key enterprises, key industrial park we carry out a number of investment policies to attract the big merchants.We closely Contact Europe and US, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries or regions and domestic developed area and cities. Attract the world top 500 enterprises state-owned enterprises and large private companies to carry out accurate investment through various channels and measures. 


We will improve the overall quality of the utilization of foreign capital.We will open wider to foreign investment in services such as pensions, construction design, accounting and auditing, trade and logistics, e-commerce, and expand market access for banks, insurance, securities and pension industry. We will guide and encourage foreign investment in advanced manufacturing, new high technology, energy conservation, environmental protection and modern services, and support to establish R&D centers. 


We will promote the combination of attracting capital and intelligence, and improve the comprehensive effect of foreign capital on technological innovation, management efficiency and industrial upgrading. 


We will strengthen technical cooperation with northeast Asia, Europe and other countries, promote the construction of China-Russia science and technology park, China-Belarus science and technology park, China-Germany industrial park, China-Cuba bio-pharmaceutical park and other international scientific and technological cooperation. 



Export expansion 

We will implement the "Go global" strategy, foster international markets and foreign trade enterprises. We will increase support for key export enterprises, promote effective connection between key enterprises and world renowned enterprises, build export bases and overseas marketing platforms, speed up the internationalization of competitive products such as railway buses, agricultural products processing and bio-pharmaceuticals. We will stabilize exports of traditional competitive products, optimize the structure of export products, promote the export of high-value-added equipment manufacturing products and high-tech products, and expand the export of products with independent intellectual property rights and independent brands. 


We will encourage and support powerful enterprises such as FAW, CRRC, OUYA and Northeast Industrial Group to go global, actively explore overseas markets. Focus on foreign cooperation in equipment manufacturing, building materials, food processing and trade circulation, cultivate export-oriented industrial clusters and industrial bases, and promote the transformation and upgrading of processing trade. 


Optimize the structure of foreign trade.We will support enterprises to acquire internationally renowned brands through mergers and acquisitions, foster new foreign economic advantages with technology, brand, quality and service as the core, and increase the added value of export products. 





Trade in service 

Changchun is a Chinese service outsourcing model city awarded by the state council of China. Relying on the rich resources of talents of science and technology in our city, we actively explore the international market and develop the international service outsourcing industry. The industrial scale has grown rapidly. In the past five years, the annual growth rate has reached 20%. Information technology outsourcing service(ITO), business process outsourcing service (BPO), and knowledge process outsourcing service (KPO) have initially formed a service outsourcing industry cluster, ITO occupies more than 70% outsourcing business. 

The United States, Japan, Korea and Papua New Guinea are the main sources of offshore business in Changchun, more than 50% of the business from the US and Japan. In addition, the service outsourcing cooperation between Changchun and  Belt And Road countries (regions) has become increasingly close. We have opened up emerging markets in Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, India, Bangladesh, Congo, Uganda and Mexico.Changchun has more than 500 enterprises of software development, information service, animation production, automotive electronics, more than 200 enterprises of cultural and creative outsourcing , and more than 200 enterprises directly engaged in e-commerce and providing technical support for e-commerce. 

In the future, we will focus on software r&d services, cultural and creative outsourcing, industrial design outsourcing, and information technology outsourcing. We will focus on integrated circuit and electronic circuit design services, biomedical r&d outsourcing, supply chain management services, cloud computing services, back-end services, and inspection and testing outsourcing services. 



Cross-border E-commerce 

Starting in 2014, Changchun launched a pilot on cross-border e-commerce service. By the end of 2017, a total of 253 cargo charter flights (506 flights) have been carried out, and over 57 million pieces of goods with a value of over 267 million US dollars have been exported by cross-border e-commerce. Changchun Xinglong comprehensive bonded zone has opened a freight charter line between Changchun, Estonia and Moscow. The line is based on changchun and is aimed at e-commerce customers all over the country.Business in addition to Russia, Germany, New Zealand, Australia and other more than 190 countries.Cross-border e-commerce cargo charter flights operate 19 classes, forming a fixed capacity of 3 to 4 classes per week. 


We completed the first bonded goods preparation test under the customs supervision system, which pioneered the cross-border e-commerce in northeast China. A number of cross-border e-commerce enterprises, such as Alibaba Yidatong, Shunfeng e-commerce industrial park and Chunfeng logistics, have been set up in Xinglong comprehensive bonded zone. The entire upstream and downstream industry chain and ecological circle with cross-border e-commerce as the core are taking shape. In January this year, the first batch of cross-border e-commerce direct purchases of imported goods were released through customs clearance in the xinglong comprehensive bonded zone, marking the cross-border e-commerce formally get the 2.0 version. According to statistics related to cross-border e-commerce retail export by the general administration of customs, Changchun's export volume is second only to Guangzhou and Hangzhou, making it the third largest cross-border e-commerce core node city in China. 


In July, Changchun was approved by the state council for cross-border e-commerce pilot zone, it will greatly improve the convenience degree of customs clearance, Simplify customs clearance procedures, reduce the time of customs clearance, and can foster the new competitive advantage on development of foreign trade, and can integrate and gather the international and domestic resources, so as to attract big e-commerce enterprise, expand the scale of investment. At the same time, it will become an important breakthrough for the development of foreign trade and form a new business model for the development of foreign trade.The vigorous development of cross-border e-commerce will continuously expand the import and export scale of Changchun, enhance the international influence of our city, and expand the international visibility. 



Overseas investment 

We will make good use of the "two markets and two resources", expand economic and technological cooperation with countries and regions along the " Belt And Road" line in an all-round way, support and standardize enterprises' conductions of "going global" and improve the level of transnational operation and management.We will encourage enterprises to focus on investment cooperation in agriculture, manufacturing, energy and resources, economic and trade circulation and other fields, further expand the international engineering contracting market and conduct international labor cooperation.We should complement each other's strengths and achieve win-win cooperation.  


We will guide enterprises in foreign investment and international cooperation on production capacity.We will focus on supporting FAW's 15 production bases and vehicle assembly projects in South Africa, kazakhstan, Tanzania and other countries and regions, and CRRC's 27 major overseas projects in the US, Australia, Brazil and Argentina, making an effort to expand its international market share.We will promote international cooperation in production capacity between small and medium-sized enterprises such as Fuao, Sanyou special vehicles and Hexin machinery, to promote the export of products, technologies and labor services. We will foster internationally competitive foreign project contractors to participate in the construction of infrastructure interconnection and interconnection between countries along the Belt And Road countries, and strive to undertake infrastructure development projects such as roads, ports, mines and power projects in Russia, Mongolia, parts of Africa regions.We will promote the implementation of the Mongolian "grassland road" project, promote the construction of overseas economic and trade cooperation parks such as the Shktovo agricultural and animal husbandry industrial park in the coastal border region of Russia set up by Taiyuan agricultural and animal husbandry company,  the international cooperation park for agricultural and animal husbandry industry of Mongolia set up in Mongolia, and support the establishment of investment and trade service center in Mongolia for the first time. 


We will develop cooperation on foreign labor services in an innovative way.We will stabilize the size of the traditional labor market in Japan, South Korea and New Zealand, and explore new markets in Israel, Australia and other emerging markets as well as medium-high and high-end cooperation projects.We will improve the construction of a service platform for overseas labor cooperation and increase the human resources reserve for overseas labors. We will vigorously promote a new model of school-enterprise cooperation and foster china-high-end foreign labor cooperation projects.  


We will strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the humanities and other fields, as well as in cross-border tourism, scientific and technological education, cultural and health care, ecological and environmental protection, promote communication and understanding, enhance mutual recognition, and jointly create a harmonious atmosphere for regional development. 



External access 

According to the "Belt and Road" initiative, we will actively build external traffic thoroughfare connecting east to west, to promote infrastructure interconnectivity, expand and open sea transport routes, strengthen urban railways, highways, shipping network effectively, develop transportation logistics channel to Russia, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Mongolia and other countries, to form a comprehensive transportation network in northeast Asia.  


We will build railway and highway routes and steadily increase the capacity of the "China-Europe" international freight train. Changchun China- Europe train started trial operation in August 2015, and officially entered normal operation in 2017.So far, 29,966 teus of import and export goods have been transported, worth over 1 billion Euros, at its peak accounting for 39 percent of the total capacity of the China-Europe liners on the eastern route. Along the Belt And Road region, this freight line has already connected 30 railway stations in 10 European countries and more than 180 railway stations in the Russian federation, providing a total of over 2,100 enterprises around the world with high-quality multi-modal transport services. On June 20, Nuremberg junction and overseas warehouse cargo of Changchun China-Europe train launched in Nuremberg port officially started. This marked that Changchun was deeply involved in the construction of " Belt And Road" initiative, the overseas hub nodes gradually improved. 


We will build land and sea transport channels. According the strategy of “borrowing harbors to go abroad”, we will steadily operate the international land and sea transport routes connecting Japan and the South kereo, and expand the domestic and foreign trade routes connecting the southeast coast. Actively open the Tumen river to the sea channel.It will focus on land and sea routes from Hunchun through Zarubino to Korea, Japan, Russia, Europe and the United States.  

建设航空(机场)通道。推进龙嘉机场二期扩建和机场综合交通枢纽建设,打造现代化、国际化交通枢纽和换乘中心,推动龙嘉机场取得第五航权。加大对韩、日航线航班密度,实现对韩多点飞行。力争开通更多至俄罗斯、德国、英国、北欧四国以及朝鲜、台湾、泰国、新加坡等城市航线,开通至乌兰巴托以及巴厘岛、清迈等热点旅游目的地包机航线。推动建立对俄航空邮路。围绕打造综合保税区已开通了长春爱沙尼亚莫斯科货运包机线路。线路以长春为基点,面向全国电子商务客户,将商品发往俄罗斯、白俄罗斯、乌克兰、芬兰等国家。线航班。推进落地签证或 72 小时过境免签等政策实施,提升旅客吞吐量和航空货运能力。  

We will construct aviation (airport) passageway. We will promote the expansion of the second phase of Longjia airport and the construction of the airport's integrated transport hub, build a modern, international transport hub and transfer center.We will increase the density of flights between China and the South Kereo and Japan to achieve multi-point flights to the south Kereo. We will strive to open more flights to Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom and the four Nordic countries as well as to north Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and other cities, and charter flights to ulaanbaatar, Bali, Chiang mai and other hot tourist destinations. We will promote the establishment of the air mail route to Russia. Changchun - Estonia - Moscow cargo charter line has been opened. The line based in changchun, is aimed at e-commerce customers all over the country and sends goods to Russia, belarus, Ukraine, Finland and other countries.We will implement policies such as landing visas or 72-hour transit visa-free to improve passenger throughput and air cargo capacity.  


We will build a comprehensive logistics hub in northeast Asia. Work closely with dry ports and air ports on land routes, build national inland ports, develop multimodal transport center, and form a network of major rail, rail and air routes.We will promote the international freight line project from changchun to Vladivostok. 



Promotion measures 

We should seize the opportunities presented by China's opening-up policy, actively explore new fields, new patterns and new paths for foreign economic cooperation, establish new mechanisms for allocating resources in the market from a global perspective, and develop new economic models that are compatible with high international standards of investment and trade.  


We will create a good business environment which is governed by law, internationalized and convenient. Guided by innovation and with quality and efficiency as the core, we will create an orderly market environment for competition, a transparent and efficient government environment, a legal environment that is fair and just, and a humane environment for win-win cooperation.We will establish institutions and mechanisms to facilitate cross-border e-commerce and other new forms of trade and improve the system for promoting trade in services.  


We will improve the management and service system for foreign investment.We will adopt measures to facilitate foreign investment, reduce approval procedures, and implement the commission system of handling the examination and approval of investment projects. We will implement the pre-establishment national treatment and negative list management system, and promote fair competition among domestic and foreign-funded enterprises without discrimination.We will promote the transformation, upgrading and innovative development of various development zones and parks, build a new open economy system, and create an important vehicle for attracting foreign investment.  


We will improve policies and service systems for promoting overseas investment. We will strengthen pre-service and in-service guidance for overseas investment. We will give full service of trade associations and Chambers of commerce, cultivate a number of intermediaries with international service capabilities, such as design consulting, asset appraisal, credit rating and legal services, and solve the difficulties faced by enterprises in entering the international market.